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Day 174, August 10, Miles Remaining 192!

Life on the Trail

Phil camped solo last night, and had a chance to be on speaker phone as M&M and I enjoyed dinner with friends. Their enthusiasm lifted his spirits. He'll catch up with his fellow hikers this a.m. and head into Stratton for a five day re-supply. They are navigating the Bigelow Mts. - lots of ups and downs. As he said, climb a mountain, descend a steep mountain, cross a stream, climb a mountain, descend a mountain.... - for the next 48 or so miles. Then they expect to be at the same altitude for a while and the 100 mile wilderness. On Tuesday night, they camped by a logging road and Mockingbird heard a large animal sniffing around their tent. She woke Dr. Pickles who couldn't remember exactly what to do, so shouted "HEY!!!" and scared of a moose who galloped away like thunder. Phil was grateful the moose didn't get caught up in his tent and drag him with him. I wish I had a live cam for that scene!

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