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Man Thru-Hikes The Appalachian Trail To Promote Health And Sobriety: Read article here


Bennington Banner: Read article here. 


WFSB: Watch the video here.


Fox News: Watch the video here


Hartford Courant: Phil Valentine Is Hiking Appalachian Trail To Send A Message... Read more here


Phil Valentine Sets Off Today: Recovery on the Appalachian Trail... Read more here


Recovery Stories: Recovery Walks the Appalachian Trail...Read more here


Manchester Monthly Redline video: Watch video here.

 (Phil appears from 5:16-12:30)


Road to Recovery: From Addiction and Stage 4 Cancer to the Appalachian Trail...Read more here.


Manchester Patch:  Read article here.


Thru- Hikes Daily: Read article here.


Appalachian Trail Daily: Read article here.


The Courant: Read article here.

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