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Day 67-68 (May 24-25)

Life on the Trail...

Phil called around 11 this a.m. with best connection we have had for days. They had hiked into Newport, VA on Sunday. From trail to the re-supplies was 8 miles. Sami and Phil said a quick prayer that they could catch a ride. Up pulls an AT supporter dropping off 2 hikers. He was headed in opposite direction, but offered them a ride, waited while they shopped, and drove them back to the trail. Phil said they were so spent, they hiked into the woods and made camp at the first feasible location. They are having a tough time with finding water. The last few days have been tough on the body too. In the AT Guide I'm using they hiked up and down 2000 feet and then a series of ups and downs for quite a while. The heat is impacting their progress too. Phil started to wonder if the trail was to big for him to master. One day at a time comes in handy on days like that.

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