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Day 63- May 20, 2015

Life on the Trail...

Phil and Sami are in Pearisburg, VA tonight at the Holiday Motor Lodge. Phil received the two boxes I sent which included a new pair of his original boots, says they felt like slippers. They were munching on guacomole and chips when they called. Sami let me know that she may want a couple MORE days so she can hike back as close as possible to LU. We are hoping one of her friends can pick her up from the trail and drop her at the Lynchburg Train station the morning of 5/28. Phil shared that he managed to stay upright all day until his final step onto the pavement to head into town and he fell over in slow motion to the laughter of his hiking companions. Sami's knee is giving her trouble, so prayers for the inflammation to reduce would be appreciated.

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