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A Message from Phil

Wish I had a keyboard... I'm using my iPhone lying in my tent during a thunderstorm... Love it!

I'm at mile 570 stealth camped alongside the trail. Tough Love (Samantha Valentine) is tucked away in hers. Rock Steady and Paradox are camped here too.

I've walked the last 2 days (about 27 miles) on a tweaked left ankle. A brace and ibuprofen have done the trick. Along with all your prayers. Thank you!

Having Tough Love out here is an incredible blessing to me - an adventure of a life time. She can hike! And she's tough. She won't say anything, but she's got some blisters and just keeps hiking. She has been embraced by the AT community and particularly by Paradox and Rock Steady. I am grateful. God always puts the right people in our paths at the right time, doesn't He?

Missing my family mightily, but love to hear words of affirmation and encouragement from them.

Oh... I've seen 2 snakes the last few days and haven't even flinched. One I even chased into the rhododendrons trying to film it. What's up with that?

The rhododendron is blooming finally up here in the mountains. Mountain laurel soon to follow. It's green and lush and beautiful. Many high pastures and meadows in Virginia. Great fun to hike through. I'll be in Virginia for a long time (554 miles worth), so I better like it!

I've lost 34 lbs so far (254 to 220). My waist went from 40 to 34 inches (maybe 32). Even with the foot, ankle and earlier knee problems, I'm feeling the most fit in decades. I can climb mountains! smile emoticon

Thanks for all your love and support.

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