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Thank you!

We wanted to take the time to thank each and every one of you who have donated or pledged to donate to the AT4Recovery Hike! Your support means so much to Phil and CCAR.

As new pledges and donations come in we will continue to post the names on the Sponsor page.


Incentive Sponsor

Brian Abely


Dr. John Kelly


Value Options, CT

Wild Hog

Bill White & Rita Chaney

Bear's Barbeque Smokehouse


Richard and Dee Valentine

Tony Taschner

Meaningful Trainings

Helen Valentine

John Rowe


The Rase Project- Substance Abuse Services, Inc.

Carl Stafford

Judith Stonger

Kate Becker LCSW

Neil Campbell

Rick & Sharon McCracken

You Are Linked to Resources


Kabir Singh

Normajean Cefarelli

Lorie Obernauer

Tom Curran

Patricia Howard

David Sanders

Douglas Gould

Jonathan A. Peck

Carolee Litwinka

Enrique Lebron

Arno and Jan Groot

Mary Jo

Tom Veilleux

Rosann Rafala

Larry Mayer

Bill Leary


Cassandra Collins

Al Carrano

George (Jorge) Hernandez


Jen Jalbert


Carol and Jerry Kardas

Deb Dettor

Conrad Sienkiewicz

Joy Lo Schiavo

Shoreline Living Solutions, LLC

James & Niki Tarbell

Emily Marcotte

Bryan Phillips

David Borzellino

Kathy Skyppen


Lydia Babbitt

Joanie Masot

Monica Forbes

Avery Hill

April Judd

William Simmons

Jack Malone


Chris Kelley

Caroline Sienkiewicz

Michelle Green

Tara Green

Mark Blackwell

Carol Poignant

Pam Feilon

Wyatt Feilon

Jeremy Collins

Jordan Williams

Dave Williams

Greg Roto

Andrea Lende

Don Gaudreau

Lyn Posner

Joanne Alexandra

Kim Pellicane

Michael Dunne

Maureen Hearn

Mike Murray

Karen Tocher

Lyne Stokes

Tasha Galbreath

Nuriye Rumeli

Sally Paterson

Zachary Reichect

Chris Reives

Joanne Ramey

Brady Higgins

Jeff Quamme

Amy Ross

Dave Blackwell

Chris Luginbuhl

Jeff Drewniany

Ruth Hebert

Zoraya Pedig

Lisa Dyer

Dorian Parker

Katrina Russo

Art Woodard

Jim Sulick

Lakiesha Reed

Dina Repinecz

Karen Tocher

Patricia Maines

Edwin Reynolds

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