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A Message from Phil

Hey everyone... Climbed up to Clingman's Dome today, highest point on the AT. The views, the trail literally took my breath away today.

People are asking what I think about...

1. What I'm going to eat next 2. My family 3. Incidents from the past and amends I still need to make 4. How my body is responding to the sheer physicality (getting stronger every day) but still walking through some minor aches and pains 5. And I think about God and how he is in every detail around me, the birds in the rhododendron, His voice in the wind, the tiny blooms along the trail and in the majestic views

I'm starting to believe I can do this. My confidence and competence have increased greatly. I set up and break camp with ease. I hike at a respectable pace. I'm enjoying the hiking, the trail, the people. My attitude is positive even when others are a bit down. I look forward to having loved ones join me. And I love sharing this journey with all of you...

You inspire me!

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