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Day 4 Neel Gap

Neel Gap Phil traveled 7.5 miles today. Up and over Blood Mountain. Phil said that coming down was very similar to coming down the switchback of Mt. Monadnock for those who are familiar. Neel Gap has an REI, and he bought a new lighter pack, and is shipping home his old one, with the GoPro and his pillow. Thinks he's dropping about 12 lbs of weight. He said he figured this is a "hiking trip", not a "camping trip". And that the change will help him make it through the end. He'll be sleeping in a bunk in a hostel tonight. Had his first shower, and ate a couple frozen pizzas for dinner, but his appetite is minimal. He was just finishing washing and drying his clothes too. He shared a story of a German man walking past him where he was resting on Blood Mountain, and the guy simply says "This is Haaad." Are you hearing Arnold's voice saying it like I did? All the thumbs up on posts, the messages of encouragement are really moving him.

-Sandy Valentine

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