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10 Days by Sandy Valentine

It's only 10 days until Phil hops on a plane to Georgia, and officially begins his adventure. Each day this week, he adds another item to the table of supplies he started. Each time I wonder what item will be the first to go when he's worn that pack a few hours. I also wonder - who will I blame when the tp roll isn't changed? Who is going to clear the driveway a la the winter that never ends? Who is going to remind me "trust them (kids) til they give us a reason not to"? Who's going to make the family brunch on Sundays? No one can replace his presence in the house, but as we've done before, we will create a new "normal". Today, I am grateful that my eldest made the decision to come home and work this summer, turning down opportunities down south, in order to be our "man of the house". Today, I am grateful that Matthew and Mary are wise beyond years, and even though only 10 and 13, realize their Dad is following a call from God and are supportive. Today, I am grateful for every single person who has offered tangible ways to help me while he is gone. Today, I am grateful Samantha will be home for a week to see us through the final days before he leaves. And today, I am grateful that God's whisper in Phil's ear was really God's whisper. Nothing can convince me that this 4 1/2 year planning could have brought us to this place with affirmation every step of the way, unless it was His plan. God is so very, very good.

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