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Phil Valentine's long awaited novel
CONTINUE: Right Click on the Appalachian Trail
 is on-sale NOW!


Phillip considered himself a successful man – satisfied with his work in the recovery field and happily grateful for his family. Life was proceeding swimmingly until pesky lumps in his neck progressed into a diagnosis of Stage 4 oropharyngeal cancer; a mass had grown on the back of his tongue. The subsequent treatment cured him but left him decimated, discouraged, and despondent. Mired in depression and despair, Phillip received a divine invitation… to walk the Appalachian Trail.

Phillip had never hiked a long distance. His limited backpacking experience entailed a one-week Adirondack excursion as a teenager. Hence, an adventure spanning more than six months and 2,000 miles along a mountain range seemed reckless but exhilarating. Four years of preparation did not adequately equip an aging 55-year-old man for all he would encounter. The rugged trail, extreme weather, and challenging people tested his resolve. However, the most ominous threat to his thru-hike proved to be his emotions.

While chronicling the miles walked, sites seen, and options chosen, Phillip delves into how decades of working a program of recovery enabled him to consistently monitor and adjust his attitude – vital for completing any thru-hike. He openly and vulnerably discusses the peaks and valleys of his emotional roller coaster, how his ‘crew’ bolstered, encouraged, confronted, and tested him, and the power wielded in attitude.

Continue is a story about human relationships – with each other, nature, and a power greater than ourselves.

And a triumphant ending certainly helps.

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